Monday, July 16, 2018

Nantucket Festival Guide

The Nantucket festivals are events you definitely don’t want to miss out on whether you are residing here or only enjoying this gorgeous island for a holiday.  People here are particularly enthusiastic about festivals, which is why there is such a huge variety of these superb events to enjoy.  Here is a quick guide to the best festivals around Cliff Lodge that you can enjoy while you are staying over at our amazing lodge.

Nantucket Wine and Food Festival

The Wine and Food Festival is one of the biggest and most celebrated festivals in this region.  This festival is celebrated in May.  Chefs and wine experts from all over unite to create all the best foods for residents and tourists to enjoy.  These festivals are particularly cheery – no doubt that wine tasting has quite a lot to do with this – and a very flavorsome activity to enjoy.

Nantucket Film Festival

The Nantucket Film Festival (NFF) is held in June and is focused on creating awareness for the art of writing and storytelling.  This festival is great fun and has been celebrated and enjoyed for over 20 years.

cameraman filming an actor
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Nantucket Comedy Festival

What is a trip to this superb island without a few laughs?  The Comedy Festival is held in July and is a superb way to learn more about this islands culture and its biggest jokes. Comedians from all over reveal their funniest and best cracks that are sure to put you in a great mood.

Nantucket Christmas Stroll

If you are someone who loves the traditional Christmas vibe then you will adore the Nantucket Christmas Stroll.  During this event, everyone dresses up in costume and carolers and bell-ringers can be heard singing and celebrating all over the streets.  This event is held the first weekend of December.

Nantucket Cranberry Festival

The Nantucket Cranberry Festival is a glorious event for those with a craving for cranberry-flavored goods.  This island is known for its superb cranberry farms and farmers put up quite a spectacle in October where you can enjoy all the best cranberry goods in creation as well as fantastic music.

red cranberries
Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Nantucket Daffodil Festival

If you are planning a holiday to Nantucket on April 27 – 29, you will be in time to catch the Daffodil Festival.  This weekend blossoms with all types of flowery and gardening activities that you can enjoy while having fun.

Nantucket Atheneum Dance Festival 

This festival is sure to put the spring in anyone’s step.  The Nantucket Atheneum Dance Festival happens in July and star dancers from around the world unite for the sole purpose of dancing.  The dance festival includes all types of dance activities, performances, films, workshops and you can attend the best dance classes during this festival.

The festivals in Nantucket are brilliant and well worth your time.  Just be sure to book your room at Cliff Lodge well in advance of these festivals because accommodations are packed during these events and for good reason.