Friday, April 13, 2018

Family-Friendly Activities in Nantucket

Nantucket is a particularly good holiday destination for families.  This scenic island in Massachusetts is packed with plenty of activities to enjoy, adventures to have, and breathtaking views to enjoy.  The great variety of wonderful activities makes it the perfect spot for the entire family because you are sure to find something that everyone will love.  Here are the top family-friendly attractions close to Cliff Lodge that you and the family can try.

Have fun on the beach

Beaches are some of the best family-friendly attractions to enjoy.  There is always something for you to do on the beach.  Family members of all ages benefit from these sunny spots and plenty of water activities ensures that there will never be a dull moment.  Nantucket’s beaches are all glorious and mostly child and senior friendly.  Sconset Beach, Jetties Beach, and the Children’s Beach are just a few of the many beaches that the entire family can enjoy.

Nantucket Whaling Museum

This museum is dedicated to the history of whaling.  This museum features plenty of historic items such as whale-hunting boats, tools, and huge skeletons of real whales.  You can also watch a whaling documentary while you are enjoying all of the interesting artifacts.  This is a good spot for children, adults and especially for those with a passion for history.

Visit the lighthouses

Everyone loves a lighthouse and in Nantucket, there are quite a few lighthouses to gawk at.  The Brant Point Light and Sankathy Head Light are two of the most popular historical places to visit while you are enjoying day trips on Nantucket Island.

Give the restaurants a try

Most of the restaurants here are incredibly family-friendly.  The restaurants are great to visit and the foods here are incredible and very unique since the island’s restaurants have a rather distinct method of cooking.

Tuckernuck Island

This 900-acre island was the original whaling port of Nantucket and is a good spot for the entire family to visit.  The island offers plenty of historical elements to check out and the entire family will love the boat ride over where they can spot plenty of seals.


Golfing is a great sport for adults of all ages and even for children.  If you want to include a sporty adventure on your trip then the Sankaty Head Golf Club is a stop that the entire family will definitely enjoy.

Sailing adventures

Everyone loves a good boat ride and the sailing adventures on various beaches are superb for keeping the entire family happy.  Sailing charters are incredibly accommodating and these trips are very safe to enjoy while you are visiting.


Festivals like the Christmas Stroll on Nantucket, Nantucket Film Festival, or Nantucket Wine & Food Festival are great events that the entire family surely will love.  These festivals are always beautiful, offer a great variety of activities and are great fun.

There are plenty of wonderful activities for the entire family to enjoy on Nantucket Island and Cliff Lodge is the perfect location for families to stay over because it is so close to most of the best things to do.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Get ready for springtime on Nantucket Island

Springtime on Nantucket is beautiful. Locals know that the island is not as crowded now as it will be during the summer months so make plans to visit Nantucket now.

Built in 1771 as a whaling master’s home, Cliff Lodge is a short stroll from the town center and all the exciting sights and sounds of Nantucket.

If you’re not sure of what to do on Nantucket Island in the spring, let us help you plan your getaway by suggesting a few of our favorite festivals and activities.

1. 2018 Daffodil Festival: April 27-29

The Nantucket Daffodil Festival is an annual event, started in the 1970s, that marks the start of spring on Nantucket Island. Enjoy tailgate picnics, parades, art shows, and much more - there is fun for the whole family. The Daffodil Festival has a loyal following of repeat visitors who participate in the Antique Car Parade, the Children’s Parade, and cheer on the Pine Woods Morris Dancers. The main event is the 44th Annual Community Daffodil Flower Show - approved by the American Daffodil Society - which will be held at Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm.

2. Biking Nantucket Island

Between the beautiful weather, plentiful bike paths, and the readily available bike rentals, Nantucket suits riders of all levels. Nantucket Island offers over 30 miles of bike paths between the Surfside Road Path, Polpis Road Path, Nobadeer Farm Road Path, Eel Point Road Path, Bartlett Road Path, and many more. Explore this interactive map of all available bike paths.

3. Nantucket Wine Festival: May 16-20

Since 1996, The Nantucket Wine & Food Festival has been an Island tradition attracting visitors from across the world. The Festival maintains true to its intimate boutique roots while always increasing the family of participating restaurants, chefs, vinters, and wineries. Check the event schedule and buy tickets at the Nantucket Wine & Food Festival website.

4. Endeavor Sailing Adventures

With the warming weather, get the full Nantucket Sound experience aboard the Friendship Sloop, Endeavor. Sail with Captain James Genthner who has over 30 years of experience and is licensed by the United States Coast Guard. Choose from daily sailing cruises or consider a private charter. The Endeavor operates from May through October.

5. Nantucket Restaurant Week: June 4-10

Participating Nantucket restaurants offer three-five course dinners in this semi annual celebration of Nantucket’s culinary tradition. More than 30 restaurants participate in Restaurant Week, giving you the chance to try something completely new or take comfort in old favorites. Just a couple of our personal recommendations include Black-Eyed Susan's, CRU Oyster Bar, The Chanticleer, and Queequeg’s.

Nantucket Island offers plenty of activities for all ages, these are just a few of our favorites. Cliff Lodge is a historical Nantucket Inn with a romantic vantage point, just minutes from downtown. Book your accommodations today and get ready for springtime on Nantucket!