Monday, December 10, 2018

The Best Spas and Massage in Nantucket

You probably already know about the excellent beaches and rich history to experience in Nantucket but you may not know how great Nantucket is for a romantic, relaxing getaway. Thanks to numerous spa and massage options close to Cliff Lodge, Nantucket is great for an exciting or relaxing vacation, or both!

Darya Salon & Spa

Darya Salon & Spa is a full-service salon and spa that is open throughout the year in downtown Nantucket. Their services include the latest techniques and trends, and they offer a variety of services such as hair styling, nails, waxing, and massage. Darya Salon & Spa is also a leading salon in the Nantucket wedding scene, having received recognition from some of the top bridal magazines in the country.

woman in a spa robe with cucumber slices over her eyes

Sisters' Salon & Spa

Sisters' Salon & Spa offers a wide range of advanced services to care for both hair and body. The staff is known for paying attention to the smallest details to make sure that all of their clients look and feel their best. They also offer full spa treatments for those who really want to pamper themselves during their Nantucket vacation. Sisters’ is definitely one of the more modern spas on the Island, and it is perfect for those with more sophisticated tastes.

RJ Miller Salon & Spa

Said to be " of Nantucket's true island treasures," RJ Miller Salon & Spa is known for its experienced staff of stylists and specialists. Some of their services include hair styling, spa treatments, bridal services, and their Fantasy Tan services, which can help you achieve your ideal tan with no sun exposure at all.

masseuse giving a massage in an open-air spa

This smaller spa located at 19A Surfside Road specializes in hair styling for men, women, and children as well as a high-quality manicure and pedicures and waxing. They may be a smaller spa, but it is still ideal for anyone who wants to stop in for an affordable haircut or manicure.

Those who are more interested in a massage as opposed to a beauty treatment can check out Life Massage at 13C Amelia Drive. Some of the services offered include Swedish massage, aromatherapy, deep tissue massage, and even a "mother-to-be" massage to ease the pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy.

feet being treated in water with floating flowers

These are just a few of the many spas and beauty salons that you can find in downtown Nantucket, and they are easily accessible from the Cliff Lodge Bed and Breakfast. Cliff Lodge is only a short walk from downtown Nantucket, so you will be able to explore all that the island has to offer during your stay.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Best Shopping Locations in Nantucket - 2018

The first thing you'll notice about shopping on Nantucket Island is that there's no Walmart, no Target, and in fact, no chain stores at all. All chain stores are banned from the island, so every shop in business on Nantucket has the charm and character of a pleasant boutique. Some people visit the island just for this kind of Old World experience because there are precious few locations in the country where this kind of atmosphere prevails. If you're planning a visit to the Island, make sure to include plenty of time for browsing these wonderful shops, and for exchanging pleasantries with the locals and other appreciative shoppers.

a cup of yellow tea on a wooden table


This shop is located at 29 Centre Street and features herbs and spices, some of which are grown locally, as well as hand-made chocolate treats and a wide variety of teas to sample. You'll love the retro look of wood shelving built into the wall from the floor to the ceiling, and the conscious effort to retain the appeal of an old-time shop. In the summertime, you can purchase hand-picked Rosa Rugosa petals, which contain Wild Rose Sea Salt to add zest to your favorite foods.

knick knacks and home decor items in a store

The Lion's Paw

You might come to consider The Lion's Paw to be your one-stop shop for any kind of furnishings you need on the Island, or you can consider it the single best place to find a memorable home furnishing to adorn your residence back on the mainland. Here, you'll find chinaware and flatware, day beds, farmhouse tables, throw pillows, and textiles from Walter G.

old books on wooden shelves

Mitchell's Book Corner

For those with a literary bent, Mitchell's Book Corner is sure to fill the bill. Located at the corner of Orange Street and Main Street, the store has a 48-year history and numerous books which detail the Island's own remarkable history. The shop is host to the annual Nantucket Book Festival and during the summer months, you can always count on notable authors to be present for book signings and for engaging conversation with patrons.

a collection of coffee, flowers, sunglasses, and a beach hat

Milly and Grace

Named for the owner's two grandmothers, this store exudes charm both inside and out, with its ivy-covered exterior and vintage-style interior. All kinds of home decor items can be purchased here, for instance, candles, pillows, and gifts, as well as jewelry for almost any occasion and any taste. Located at 2 Washington Street, Milly and Grace is known for its shabby-chic appeal and very friendly hosts, who are anxious to please everyone walking through their doors.

young, smiling barista preparing a coffee

The Hub

Situated at 31 Main Street, The Hub is one of those buildings which can hardly be overlooked, even though it has been around throughout all living memory of Island residents. It's the best place to secure your morning newspaper, and while you're at it, you can shop around for magazines and all the other sundry items typically available at a newsstand. Now that the establishment also offers coffee and bagels, it has become quite common to see people out in front of the shop, sitting on benches and reading their newspapers, while sipping coffee and munching on a bagel.

Monday, October 8, 2018

The Best Historical Tours and Museums in Nantucket

Nantucket is a community with a rich history, one that can be experienced through its many museums and historical tours. The Cliff Lodge Nantucket Bed and Breakfast puts you right in the middle of some of the most fascinating historical attractions on the Island such as the Jethro Coffin House, the Old Mill, and the Old Gaol. Built in 1771 as a whaling master's home, the Cliff Lodge is only a short walk away from downtown Nantucket and all that it has to offer.

There is no question that our bed and breakfast is a great place for a romantic getaway, but while you're here, why not take the time to better acquaint yourself with this Massachusetts island and its history? There are plenty of historical tours and museums to choose from, but here are some of the best:

whale's tail breaching the water

Nantucket Historical Association Whaling Museum

Whaling is a major part of Nantucket's history, and the famous Whaling Museum located at 13 Broad Street reflects that. The museum was restored in 2005 and features top-quality tours, galleries, and exhibits, including a 46-foot sperm whale skeleton and a restored 1847 oil and candle factory. There is also a fully accessible rooftop observation deck that offers a beautiful view of Nantucket Harbor. The Whaling Museum is open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM and is a must-see for anybody interested in Massachusetts history.

beach boardwalk surrounded by flowers

Nantucket Historical Association Walking Tours

The Nantucket Historical Association offers walking tours in the summer and fall every year. The hour-long downtown walking tour begins at the Whaling Museum and goes to the Quaker Meeting House, and the Historic House & Garden Walking Tour starts at the beautiful Hadwen House and allows visitors a glimpse into the lives of those who have lived in Nantucket over the years. Both tours provide an excellent opportunity to experience some of Nantucket's rich history.

life preserver on the side of a ferry

Egan Maritime's Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum

Hundreds of ships sailed passed Nantucket during the 19th Century, all without the benefit of modern navigational technology. While many of these ships navigated the island without any trouble, there were over 700 shipwrecks during that time due to treacherous shoals and severe weather. The Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum preserves the memory of those who have risked their lives to save the shipwrecked mariners. This is a great place to visit for anybody interested in the history of what would eventually become the U.S. Coast Guard.

tourist taking a photo in a gallery

Barrett's Tours

For those who would rather experience Nantucket's history from the comfort of an air-conditioned bus, there is always Barrett's Tours. The tour guides will provide you with an excellent view of Nantucket's past and present. If you're only just arriving in Nantucket and want a great introduction to all that it has to offer, this is a fantastic way to start your vacation and decide what else you want to experience on the island.

These are just a few of the many tours and museums that provide a glimpse into Nantucket's past. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or you want to take a historical tour with your family, contact Cliff Lodge today to ask about availability and reservations.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Nantucket Events That Make it Worth a Visit

If you've never been to the charming island of Nantucket off the coast of Massachusetts, you've been missing out on something really special. Situated at the southern edge of the Nantucket Sound in the Atlantic Ocean, there could hardly be a more picturesque place to spend some time with your family, or to arrange a romantic getaway in an idyllic setting.

To make sure everything goes perfectly, you can stay at the Cliff Lodge Bed and Breakfast and add a special touch to your visit. This gorgeous facility was originally built by a sea captain in 1771 as a home for his family, and even after some restorations, it retains the original appeal of the historic colonial era.

Apart from the beauty of the natural surroundings, you can also enjoy some of the exciting annual events which take place on the island, for the enjoyment of both locals and visitors.

Daffodil Festival 

daffodils standing among trees
Photo courtesy of
Every year at springtime, the annual 3-day Daffodil Festival is held in celebration of the beautiful daffodils which adorn the island. As part of the festivities, a classic car and antique car parade is also held, many of which are decorated with colorful daffodils.

Figawi Race

three sailboats with full crews racing against each other
Photo courtesy of
One of the largest sailboat races on the East Coast, the annual Figawi Race covers a course from Hyannis to Nantucket, with a post-race party and clambake. In 2018, the race will be staged from May 26-28 and will include both a sailboat race and a powerboat race.

Nantucket Film Festival 

a panel of actors and directors laughing
Photo courtesy of
This film festival was begun in 1996 by a brother and sister team who are natives of the island, and who have a deep love of films. From its humble origins, this festival has grown every year to become one of the biggest events of its kind. The 2018 festival will be held from June 20-25 and will include signature films, preview screenings, and a huge helping of hospitality for all.

Boston Pops 

aerial view of the crowd gathers to see the Boston Pops Orchestra
Photo courtesy of
For the 22nd consecutive summer, the Boston Pops Orchestra will be performing on the island (this year on August 11th), and because it has grown into one of the most popular events on the island, crowds are now limited to 800, so the beach area does not become overcrowded.

Christmas Stroll through Nantucket

friends wearing Christmas hats taking the Christmas Stroll
Photo courtesy of
Even though this is a bit beyond the typical tourist season, it's well worth the off-season visit, to experience the snow-covered streets (which are closed to traffic), and the warmth of community shops during the early part of the winter season. In 2018, the Christmas Stroll will be held on December 1-2, and as always, a number of special events are planned to accompany the Stroll itself.

Enjoy the events, enjoy your lodging 

Contact historical Cliff Lodge B&B on Nantucket Island to arrange for the best way to enjoy your stay. In a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, you'll love the views, the accommodations, the great food and beverage, and the connection to a time when America was young and full of promise for the future.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Nantucket Island Outdoor Recreation Guide

The cozy beds and cozy vibe of Cliff Lodge are great.  In fact, so great that guests find it hard to leave our lodge so they can explore all the activities that Nantucket has to offer.  But you are probably only here for a short while and you really do need to make the most out of your stay.  There are plenty of wonderful things to see and do around Cliff Lodge and the outdoor recreation in this area are experiences you really don’t want to miss out on.  Here is a quick list of all the best outdoor recreation in the area that you can enjoy any time of the year you visit this superb island.

mother and daughter on a blanket at the beach

Explore the beaches

Exploring the beaches in Nantucket is an absolute must for your visit here.  Our beaches are breathtaking and well maintained. The Madaket Beach, Surfside Beach, Jeffries Beach, Siasconset Beach and Dionis Beach are all incredible areas to take a long walk or simply have a good rest so you can enjoy breathtaking sunsets.

Take a bike tour

A bike tour is one of the best outdoor activities you can enjoy.  Biking is great fun and very healthy. It is also the best way to enjoy fresh air and all of the scenic sights that this island has to offer.  Bike rentals are available from various shops and there are quite a few breathtaking bike tours to enjoy if you want something great to do.

Enjoy deep sea fishing

Charters are incredible and deep sea fishing is a bucket list item you should definitely complete when you visit this superb island.  Deep sea fishing is one of the best water sports to enjoy and the fishing charterers are superb when it comes to teaching you the ropes.

mast and ropes of a sailboat


Sailing is one of the best water sports you can possibly enjoy at any beach.  Sailboat tours are great fun to enjoy and it is also a superb way to see the rest of the island from a different, yet beautiful point of view.


Nantucket is a great place for paddleboarding. This activity is quite scenic and incredibly fun.  It is also one of the easiest water sports out there and you can master perfect paddling and balancing skills within minutes.

surfer riding in the sunset


It is great to learn a new skill while you are on holiday. You can learn to surf at the ACK Surf School and rent surfing equipment from the same place.  Surfing is very exhilarating and isn’t for the faint of heart.

Flying tours

This is one of the best things to do while you are visiting the island.  The Red Baron Adventure includes a flying tour in a retro biplane that is – you guessed it – brilliant red!  If you have always dreamt of feeling the wind in your hair and of flying over a gorgeous island then you should definitely save time for this flying tour.

The outdoor recreation in Nantucket is something you will never find anywhere else.  Pack in as many of these activities as you can for a memory that will last a lifetime.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Nantucket Festival Guide

The Nantucket festivals are events you definitely don’t want to miss out on whether you are residing here or only enjoying this gorgeous island for a holiday.  People here are particularly enthusiastic about festivals, which is why there is such a huge variety of these superb events to enjoy.  Here is a quick guide to the best festivals around Cliff Lodge that you can enjoy while you are staying over at our amazing lodge.

Nantucket Wine and Food Festival

The Wine and Food Festival is one of the biggest and most celebrated festivals in this region.  This festival is celebrated in May.  Chefs and wine experts from all over unite to create all the best foods for residents and tourists to enjoy.  These festivals are particularly cheery – no doubt that wine tasting has quite a lot to do with this – and a very flavorsome activity to enjoy.

Nantucket Film Festival

The Nantucket Film Festival (NFF) is held in June and is focused on creating awareness for the art of writing and storytelling.  This festival is great fun and has been celebrated and enjoyed for over 20 years.

cameraman filming an actor
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Nantucket Comedy Festival

What is a trip to this superb island without a few laughs?  The Comedy Festival is held in July and is a superb way to learn more about this islands culture and its biggest jokes. Comedians from all over reveal their funniest and best cracks that are sure to put you in a great mood.

Nantucket Christmas Stroll

If you are someone who loves the traditional Christmas vibe then you will adore the Nantucket Christmas Stroll.  During this event, everyone dresses up in costume and carolers and bell-ringers can be heard singing and celebrating all over the streets.  This event is held the first weekend of December.

Nantucket Cranberry Festival

The Nantucket Cranberry Festival is a glorious event for those with a craving for cranberry-flavored goods.  This island is known for its superb cranberry farms and farmers put up quite a spectacle in October where you can enjoy all the best cranberry goods in creation as well as fantastic music.

red cranberries
Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Nantucket Daffodil Festival

If you are planning a holiday to Nantucket on April 27 – 29, you will be in time to catch the Daffodil Festival.  This weekend blossoms with all types of flowery and gardening activities that you can enjoy while having fun.

Nantucket Atheneum Dance Festival 

This festival is sure to put the spring in anyone’s step.  The Nantucket Atheneum Dance Festival happens in July and star dancers from around the world unite for the sole purpose of dancing.  The dance festival includes all types of dance activities, performances, films, workshops and you can attend the best dance classes during this festival.

The festivals in Nantucket are brilliant and well worth your time.  Just be sure to book your room at Cliff Lodge well in advance of these festivals because accommodations are packed during these events and for good reason.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Guest Reviews for Cliff Lodge

Reviews from guests who have enjoyed the hospitality at Cliff Lodge Bed & Breakfast on Nantucket Island represent one of the very best ways of finding out what a stay at the Lodge would be like. Because these reviews are legitimate expressions of what guests have thought about service, accommodations, and refreshments, they carry a high degree of credibility and trust for others who might be considering a stay at Cliff Lodge B&B. The reviews listed below have not been edited in any way, and are the actual impressions of Cliff Lodge guests, in their own words.

view from the Cliff Lodge balcony looking over the town

ckelley2018 from Cambridge, Massachusetts

TripAdvisor - March 31, 2018

My son and I spent three wonderful days at the Cliff Lodge, eating its fabulous continental breakfast (don't let its elegant simplicity fool you- this stuff, especially the granola, is seriously good!), drinking port in front of the fire place at night, chatting with the staff and, in general, feeling quite at home on this lovely island. 

Great view from our room, super-comfortable mattress, quite surroundings and just a few minutes walk from the heart of town.

I can't wait to return, but sadly I'm going to have to.

Patrick R

TripAdvisor - March 25, 2018

This was our first time in on Nantucket. We chose the Cliff Lodge based on past reviews and proximity to town. We picked perfectly! The room (Room 1) was very comfortable and the rest of the inn was just as inviting! We were treated incredible by Bob, Melissa and Cindy! Nantucket was great to see and experience and the Cliff Lodge was the perfect place to stay. One of our favorite times was breakfast each morning. Bob and Melissa treated us, and everyone else like family. They genuinely cared about our time on the island and at the inn; we couldn't ask for more. We will definitely return to Nantucket and absolutely stay at the Cliff Lodge again!

Kathy P

Google - August 2017

Cliff Lodge is a charming bed and breakfast with quiet rooms, extremely comfortable beds and very friendly owner, manager and staff.  Although the shower in our private bathroom was really tiny, the water was hot and pressure was good, making for a comfortable shower experience.   The continental breakfast was delicious - homemade scones, fresh fruit, breads, jams, juice, coffee and tea.  The outdoor garden seating area is a pleasant spot to enjoy breakfast or a glass of wine in the afternoon.  Online booking was trouble free, with a phone call the day prior to confirm arrival time.  Bob, Melissa and Cindy - thank you so much for your hospitality!


TripAdvisor - March 17, 2018

With all the positive reviews, I thought what else can I say....Everyone has described the beauty of the Inn, staff and daily treats. 
If you have the opportunity to stay at this Gem of an Inn, then you have lived. 
The beauty of the Inn can be seen in the photos and a picture is worth a thousand words. 
As beauty comes from within, Bob, Melissa Cindy and Nino are worth a MILLION words. much more.You will create a memory of a lifetime here and never say goodbye....Only see you soon.

Cfranz2011 from Centerville, Massachusetts

TripAdvisor - February 20, 2018

We have been to Nantucket several times and stayed at different places every time.
But no more. We will now be staying a Cliff Logde exclusively ! What an experience.
My husband and I both felt we were in our own home. Inn keepers and staff could not
have been more fantastic !!!!!! They were always watching out for us. Always wanted
to know what we had done each day. Really taking an interest in their guests. They would share breakfast with us like one big family. Loved it ! And scones to die for ! We cant wait to go back. Everyone should stay at the Cliff Lodge. Its definitely number one in my book and should be voted number one on the island.

Jennifer T

Facebook - May 31, 2016

I had the BEST stay on Memorial Day weekend at Cliff Lodge on Nantucket! Manager Melissa Leonard and Cindy made our stay AMAZING! So friendly and professional. The Lodge was gorgeous, incredibly charming, clean, close the downtown and the awesome breakfast and wine & cheese in the early evening were outstanding! Thank you also for the bottle of red vino and use of your beach towels! I give Cliff Lodge an A+++. Will be ABSOLUTELY staying there again. Have a great week ladies and thanks again! Smiles from Boston! xoxo

John G from London, UK

TripAdvisor - November 7, 2017

I recently spent the weekend on Nantucket and stayed at Cliff Lodge. The service and welcoming could not have been better. My room was really nice and the bed very comfortable. The breakfast was all home made and delicious! I highly recommend the scones! The owners were so welcoming and friendly that I already look forward to staying there again.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Top 10 Restaurants on Nantucket Island

From its beautiful beaches to its restaurant and boutique-lined cobblestoned streets, the seafaring town of Nantucket has something to offer for the entire family. The island is crisscrossed with beautiful bike paths and offers historic museums and even an aquarium for the kids. When deciding where to stay during your visit, you can’t go wrong with The Cliff Lodge Nantucket Bed and Breakfast.

The Cliff Lodge Nantucket Bed and Breakfast
9 Cliff Rd., Nantucket; 508-228-9480

You will love the historic ambiance of The Cliff Lodge on Nantucket. This bed and breakfast offer breathtaking views of the Nantucket Sound and a fantastic staff. The Cliff Lodge was built in 1771 and was originally used as a whaling master’s home. The lodge has a home-away-from-home atmosphere that will have you wanting to return time and time again. The inn’s location is perfect for a short walk to downtown.

Among the many amenities at the Cliff Lodge, you will find a beautiful garden and patio for alfresco dining. You will also want to enjoy the roof walk while staying at the hotel. Be sure to bring your camera because the views of the harbor and town from the walk are fantastic!

Speaking of great places to eat, guests of the inn will want to take advantage of the delicious continental breakfast provided by the inn every morning. The inn’s breakfast buffet features fresh scones made in-house as well as coffee, tea, juice, fresh fruit and more. Afternoon snacks like fresh cookies and pastries are available each afternoon. Once a week on Friday afternoons, from May 15-October 15, the staff puts out an amazing wine and cheese spread that is a meal in itself.

When it comes time for lunch and dinner, guests of the inn will be happy to find that there are many great restaurants on Nantucket Island that are within walking distance of the inn, and lots more just a short drive away!

1. Something Natural

50 Cliff Rd., Nantucket; 508-228-0504

This popular restaurant has been the go-to spot for lunch since the 70’s. Offerings include piled high sandwiches, award-winning cookies, and freshly baked bread. Enjoy the casual outdoor seating, or take your lunch to the beach with you!

2. The Nautilus

12 Cambridge St., Nantucket; 508-228-0301

The Nautilus is in very high demand, so be sure to make your reservation early! This restaurant offers an eclectic menu with items ranging from tapas made to share, to crab fried rice or oyster tacos and amazing desserts. The bar and drinks are fantastic, so be sure to allow time for drinks before dinner!

3. Millie’s

326 Madaket Rd., Nantucket; 508-228-8435

Are you in the mood for a few drinks and some great Mexican food? Then Millie’s is the place for you! Millie’s offers seafood as well as Mexican entrées. From New England style lobster rolls to California Baja-style Fish Tacos, Millie’s has something for everyone. Enjoy outdoor seating and fantastic drinks in a fun, casual atmosphere. This is a great place to grab dinner and then walk down to the beach for sunset.

4. Fog Island Café

7 S. Water St., Nantucket; 508-228-1818

Open for breakfast and lunch, Fog Island Café has the best clam chowder on the island! This is the perfect lunch spot offering great American food like deli sandwiches, burgers, salads, and wraps. Favorite menu items include The Fog Burger and The Nut and Berry Spinach Salad.

5. Straight Wharf

6 Harbor Sq., Nantucket; 508-228-4499

This fabulous fine dining restaurant offers a great view of Nantucket Harbor. You can choose to eat in the large dining hall or enjoy the outdoor seating. The clambake here is highly recommended and all the seafood entrées are wonderful. For lunch, you will find favorite entrées like Lobster Roll and Fish Tacos. Dinner options include Wood-grilled sirloin and Dayboat Scallops. Amazing desserts include the Lemon Posset and Heirloom Apple Galette.

6. Bartlett’s Farm

33 Bartlett Farm Rd., Nantucket; 508-228-9403

This is a unique place to go for lunch and a little shopping afterward. Everywhere you look, there’s something new to see, including seasonal merchandise, local products, and fresh produce. The deli and bakery counters are full of all kinds of goodies. Enjoy a deli sandwich, a delicious salad, or a slice of homemade pie. Don’t miss the lobster salad and other fantastic seafood offerings! This is the perfect place to pick up a picnic lunch to take to the beach.

7. Seagrille

45 Sparks Ave., Nantucket; 508-325-5700

You can’t come to Nantucket without enjoying a fine seafood dinner! The Seagrille offers fabulous seafood in a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. If you are looking for the best lobster dinner on the island, this is the place! Other offerings include chowders, steaks, and fantastic appetizers.

8. Breeze Restaurant

77 Easton St., Nantucket; 508-228-4730

Great for lunch or dinner, Breeze offers a pretty atmosphere and great food. The lobster roll and fish and chips are not to be missed! The staff and service are impeccable. The bartenders at Breeze are fantastic, so be sure to spend a little time at the bar while you’re there.

9. Ships Inn Restaurant

13 Fair St, Nantucket; 508-228-0040

If you love fine dining, Ships Inn is sure to please. The restaurant offers an elegant, romantic setting and delicious food. The menu offers a wide variety of contemporary American favorites like crab cakes, boneless short ribs, lobster bisque and grilled swordfish. Their desserts are delectable, too!

10. b-ACK Yard BBQ

20 Straight Wharf, Nantucket; 508-228-0227

You just can’t go wrong with lobster mac’n’cheese, potato salad, baked beans, pulled pork, and BBQ chicken. The pulled pork nachos candied kielbasa are very unique and not to be missed! This is a great place for a night out to watch the game, have a few drinks, and a casual dinner in a fun atmosphere.

We hope you found this list of the top 10 restaurants on Nantucket Island helpful. No matter what your style or taste, Nantucket has something to offer for everyone!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Family-Friendly Activities in Nantucket

Nantucket is a particularly good holiday destination for families.  This scenic island in Massachusetts is packed with plenty of activities to enjoy, adventures to have, and breathtaking views to enjoy.  The great variety of wonderful activities makes it the perfect spot for the entire family because you are sure to find something that everyone will love.  Here are the top family-friendly attractions close to Cliff Lodge that you and the family can try.

brother and sister running along the beach

Have fun on the beach

Beaches are some of the best family-friendly attractions to enjoy.  There is always something for you to do on the beach.  Family members of all ages benefit from these sunny spots and plenty of water activities ensures that there will never be a dull moment.  Nantucket’s beaches are all glorious and mostly child and senior friendly.  Sconset Beach, Jetties Beach, and the Children’s Beach are just a few of the many beaches that the entire family can enjoy.

Nantucket Whaling Museum

This museum is dedicated to the history of whaling.  This museum features plenty of historic items such as whale-hunting boats, tools, and huge skeletons of real whales.  You can also watch a whaling documentary while you are enjoying all of the interesting artifacts.  This is a good spot for children, adults and especially for those with a passion for history.

Visit the lighthouses

Everyone loves a lighthouse and in Nantucket, there are quite a few lighthouses to gawk at.  The Brant Point Light and Sankathy Head Light are two of the most popular historical places to visit while you are enjoying day trips on Nantucket Island.

Give the restaurants a try

Most of the restaurants here are incredibly family-friendly.  The restaurants are great to visit and the foods here are incredible and very unique since the island’s restaurants have a rather distinct method of cooking.

Tuckernuck Island

This 900-acre island was the original whaling port of Nantucket and is a good spot for the entire family to visit.  The island offers plenty of historical elements to check out and the entire family will love the boat ride over where they can spot plenty of seals.


Golfing is a great sport for adults of all ages and even for children.  If you want to include a sporty adventure on your trip then the Sankaty Head Golf Club is a stop that the entire family will definitely enjoy.

Sailing adventures

Everyone loves a good boat ride and the sailing adventures on various beaches are superb for keeping the entire family happy.  Sailing charters are incredibly accommodating and these trips are very safe to enjoy while you are visiting.


Festivals like the Christmas Stroll on Nantucket, Nantucket Film Festival, or Nantucket Wine & Food Festival are great events that the entire family surely will love.  These festivals are always beautiful, offer a great variety of activities and are great fun.

There are plenty of wonderful activities for the entire family to enjoy on Nantucket Island and Cliff Lodge is the perfect location for families to stay over because it is so close to most of the best things to do.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Get ready for springtime on Nantucket Island

Springtime on Nantucket is beautiful. Locals know that the island is not as crowded now as it will be during the summer months so make plans to visit Nantucket now.

Built in 1771 as a whaling master’s home, Cliff Lodge is a short stroll from the town center and all the exciting sights and sounds of Nantucket.

If you’re not sure of what to do on Nantucket Island in the spring, let us help you plan your getaway by suggesting a few of our favorite festivals and activities.

Nantucket shore in the sunset

1. 2018 Daffodil Festival: April 27-29

The Nantucket Daffodil Festival is an annual event, started in the 1970s, that marks the start of spring on Nantucket Island. Enjoy tailgate picnics, parades, art shows, and much more - there is fun for the whole family. The Daffodil Festival has a loyal following of repeat visitors who participate in the Antique Car Parade, the Children’s Parade, and cheer on the Pine Woods Morris Dancers. The main event is the 44th Annual Community Daffodil Flower Show - approved by the American Daffodil Society - which will be held at Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm.

2. Biking Nantucket Island

Between the beautiful weather, plentiful bike paths, and the readily available bike rentals, Nantucket suits riders of all levels. Nantucket Island offers over 30 miles of bike paths between the Surfside Road Path, Polpis Road Path, Nobadeer Farm Road Path, Eel Point Road Path, Bartlett Road Path, and many more. Explore this interactive map of all available bike paths.

3. Nantucket Wine Festival: May 16-20

Since 1996, The Nantucket Wine & Food Festival has been an Island tradition attracting visitors from across the world. The Festival maintains true to its intimate boutique roots while always increasing the family of participating restaurants, chefs, vinters, and wineries. Check the event schedule and buy tickets at the Nantucket Wine & Food Festival website.

4. Endeavor Sailing Adventures

With the warming weather, get the full Nantucket Sound experience aboard the Friendship Sloop, Endeavor. Sail with Captain James Genthner who has over 30 years of experience and is licensed by the United States Coast Guard. Choose from daily sailing cruises or consider a private charter. The Endeavor operates from May through October.

5. Nantucket Restaurant Week: June 4-10

Participating Nantucket restaurants offer three-five course dinners in this semi annual celebration of Nantucket’s culinary tradition. More than 30 restaurants participate in Restaurant Week, giving you the chance to try something completely new or take comfort in old favorites. Just a couple of our personal recommendations include Black-Eyed Susan's, CRU Oyster Bar, The Chanticleer, and Queequeg’s.

Nantucket Island offers plenty of activities for all ages, these are just a few of our favorites. Cliff Lodge is a historical Nantucket Inn with a romantic vantage point, just minutes from downtown. Book your accommodations today and get ready for springtime on Nantucket!