Thursday, November 1, 2018

Best Shopping Locations in Nantucket - 2018

The first thing you'll notice about shopping on Nantucket Island is that there's no Walmart, no Target, and in fact, no chain stores at all. All chain stores are banned from the island, so every shop in business on Nantucket has the charm and character of a pleasant boutique. Some people visit the island just for this kind of Old World experience because there are precious few locations in the country where this kind of atmosphere prevails. If you're planning a visit to the Island, make sure to include plenty of time for browsing these wonderful shops, and for exchanging pleasantries with the locals and other appreciative shoppers.

a cup of yellow tea on a wooden table


This shop is located at 29 Centre Street and features herbs and spices, some of which are grown locally, as well as hand-made chocolate treats and a wide variety of teas to sample. You'll love the retro look of wood shelving built into the wall from the floor to the ceiling, and the conscious effort to retain the appeal of an old-time shop. In the summertime, you can purchase hand-picked Rosa Rugosa petals, which contain Wild Rose Sea Salt to add zest to your favorite foods.

knick knacks and home decor items in a store

The Lion's Paw

You might come to consider The Lion's Paw to be your one-stop shop for any kind of furnishings you need on the Island, or you can consider it the single best place to find a memorable home furnishing to adorn your residence back on the mainland. Here, you'll find chinaware and flatware, day beds, farmhouse tables, throw pillows, and textiles from Walter G.

old books on wooden shelves

Mitchell's Book Corner

For those with a literary bent, Mitchell's Book Corner is sure to fill the bill. Located at the corner of Orange Street and Main Street, the store has a 48-year history and numerous books which detail the Island's own remarkable history. The shop is host to the annual Nantucket Book Festival and during the summer months, you can always count on notable authors to be present for book signings and for engaging conversation with patrons.

a collection of coffee, flowers, sunglasses, and a beach hat

Milly and Grace

Named for the owner's two grandmothers, this store exudes charm both inside and out, with its ivy-covered exterior and vintage-style interior. All kinds of home decor items can be purchased here, for instance, candles, pillows, and gifts, as well as jewelry for almost any occasion and any taste. Located at 2 Washington Street, Milly and Grace is known for its shabby-chic appeal and very friendly hosts, who are anxious to please everyone walking through their doors.

young, smiling barista preparing a coffee

The Hub

Situated at 31 Main Street, The Hub is one of those buildings which can hardly be overlooked, even though it has been around throughout all living memory of Island residents. It's the best place to secure your morning newspaper, and while you're at it, you can shop around for magazines and all the other sundry items typically available at a newsstand. Now that the establishment also offers coffee and bagels, it has become quite common to see people out in front of the shop, sitting on benches and reading their newspapers, while sipping coffee and munching on a bagel.